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July 18th 2015

“So, that’s pretty much it,” she said, adjusting the golden strap on her espadrilles. “I’m not old, I live in a condo downtown, I’m not throwing the bones of anyone or anything to ascertain the workings of Fate. Got it?” “Yes,” said the lawyer on the left, his eyes darting to the other two. “Yes, […]

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July 17th 2015

Byron had shared his news only with the people who mattered, but word spread quickly (as secrets often do). No resignation, no exit interview, just a plan to tell the absolute truth for a whole day, leave, and never come back. He had been pulled out of 2 conferences already and received 1 warning about […]

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July 16th 2015

Beverly stoked the fire. Something tapped on the window, calling her name; she did not move the curtain to look out or answer. She poured water from the kettle into a mug and the kitchen was filled with the scent of her favorite tea. Something twisted the knob on the side door, then worried at […]

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July 15th 2015

“Everybody starts out here,” the angel said. “There’s a beverage station – with wine and beer, coffee, tea, etc., over there; the buffet is on the opposite side.” The souls were howling with laughter, pointing, hugging, huddling quietly in corners, engaged with each other. “Wait,” Daniel said, “are they playing Jeopardy?” “A version of the […]

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July 14th 2015

“The acupuncture for bursitis in 206 went well, but I’m going to change the code here to ‘pain management’,” the nurse said, returning to the station. “No, leave it as occupational therapy,” replied the administrator. “Respectfully, 206 is 89 years old and has no occupational training plan on file,” the nurse added with irritation. “Equally […]

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July 13th 2015

On the Monday following Simon’s death, 14 members of his family met outside of the local tattoo parlor. “What the hell is this?” whispered the owner to the other artists as they watched the gathered pray, remove their hats and scarves, and head in. “Can I help you?” asked the owner very tentatively. “Yes, thank […]

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July 11th 2015

The willows, cooling tendrils in the nearby brook, giggled about the little ones; how cute the people were when they were young and fearless – how precious as families all playing together. The oaks, arming themselves with extra bark near the high school, laughed at the fickle nature of “true love” and felt sorry for […]

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July 10th 2015

The general turned briskly away from the board. “Any questions?” A hand went up. “And you are?” the general asked. “Scott Manke; I’m here at HQ working in Facilities,” the man replied. “Continue,” the general said. “Okay, well, the foundational zombie fight strategy seems solid, of course,” Scott started. “Thanks for your vote of confidence,” […]

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July 9th 2015

Abigail and Mr. Gate took off after sunset with sidewalk chalk to draw the things. Mr. Gate didn’t have a bike, but he floated alongside her – keeping pace, not having a hard time. They laughed and talked and finally decided to start at Penny’s house with a circle that looked like it had a […]

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July 8th 2015

“Well, there’s shyness at first; it’s normal to hesitate,” Jeremy said, taking her hand. “Then there’s a kind of mad desire and an urgency that comes over you.” Shelly blushed. She felt incredibly self-conscious, but appreciated Jeremy’s help; she knew he was trying to comfort and encourage her without being pushy. “And … afterwards?” Shelly […]

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