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March 31st 2016

“I dunno … I just have a bad feeling,” Shaggy said. Fred laughed. “You always have a bad feeling.” “Whatever it is, we’ll get to the bottom of it,” Daphne mumbled, putting on fresh lipstick in the visor mirror. “Jinkies! It’s kind of exciting! Another mystery!” Velma added, rubbing her hands together. Scooby Doo was […]

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March 30th 2016

At checkout, Sarah put a rope bone on the conveyor. “I’m buying this with my own money, Mom,” she said matter-of-factly. “You don’t have to buy something for Grimsby yourself, honey; push it over here with the rest,” her mother replied, smiling. “It’s not for Grimsby,” Sarah replied. “It’s for the monster under my bed.” […]

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March 29th 2016

“Route’ll be long today,” Chapman said, grabbing his shoulder pack. “Gotta head out to Sorghum Grade for a delivery.” “Package come through? Abbott asked, his voice just above a whisper. Chapman held up the box. “Addressed to one Adelaide Sumpter; special instructions to leave at the drugstore with the clerk.” The room was silent. “Why […]

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March 28th 2016

The candidates lined up, each taking a podium. After talking and gesturing for some time, one of them looked around confused, then alarmed, muttering, “Uh uh uh …” into the mic before bursting into a cloud of a million spiders and scurrying off into the arena of screaming watchers. “It’s going down,” Muriel texted the […]

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Part Two: Quilt Squares

March 27th 2016

Terry would need a lot of help after this most recent surgery, so Doug took him from the hospital straight up to Aunt Agnes’ cabin – now Doug’s cabin – so that he could relax and be watched over. They talked about her all of the way there, laughing and occasionally falling into the silence […]

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March 26th 2016

Samantha got up in front of the group and sighed heavily. “Aunt Agnes treasured family and kept us all in her heart until the very end.” Everyone nodded. Doug just smiled. “Even though we couldn’t be with her every day, we were in her thoughts. She made us each a quilt square, embroidered by hand, […]

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March 25th 2016

As the drones flew over the globe, the Secret Society of Deep Breaths took their cushions and mats and waited, riveted to the incoming feed. When they spotted their targets – the ones that called to them, the ones so obviously miserable that it pained them deeply, they identified the subject with a digital tag […]

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March 24th 2016

“How could I resist a pitch like ‘I can help you make Big Pharma irrelevant’?” Taylor said. She smiled. “It’s not a pitch, nor is it a request to fund research or widgets; it’s fact.” “I can’t wait to hear,” Taylor said again, getting comfortable behind his desk. “The Ilvermorny School of Necromancy is going […]

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March 23rd 2016

They sat on the veranda, far away from the main gathering, two or three bottles of wine and a bottle of scotch on the table. “We go through buckets of ibuprofen,” one said. “I have to order it from Mexico.” The others nodded. “Arnica rub,” another said. “Oceans of freaking arnica rub for bruising.” More […]

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March 22nd 2016

“My dad had to weigh in, of course,” Evan said. “He announced to the room that I had barely two nickels to rub together at the end of the month, but I still bought nuts for the squirrels.” “Dude,” Pete replied, not knowing what to say. “And the funny thing is that my roommate has […]

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