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May 31st 2016

Lizzie nodded to her friend and they turned their tea cups over very carefully to read the leaves. “I’ll read yours and you read mine; I think that’s best,” she said to Eleanor. “Hmmm. Adventure. Love. Prosperity. Some insanity.” Eleanor smiled and began. “I see … Fate. Happiness. Changing circumstances. Murder.” They grinned sweetly at […]

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May 30th 2016

The network had a great idea for Gary to be flown to a couple of military cemeteries and channel those loved ones for a crowd. BIG press; BIG impact for the holiday weekend; an absolute gold mine. He listened carefully to the pitch, thanked them, and turned it down. “I suppose it’s too hard,” said […]

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Letters from Management #19

May 29th 2016

Pinky Don’t worry about it. You’re always too hard on yourself. We can find another lab. In fact, I firmly believe that Acme was holding us back; we need greater power and greater opportunity to use it. Maybe we should go federal. Just relax. Sit tight. STAY IN THE HIDEY HOLE UNTIL I GET BACK. […]

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May 28th 2016

Within 14 minutes of arriving at the playground, Anita Elizabeth had Ernesto smoothing the sand in the sandbox, Carolyn cleaning the playhouse, and Sharon wiping down the slide with green leaves (because brown leaves would crumble and miss the point entirely). “Wow,” Jim’s neighbor said, sitting down next to him on the bench, “I bet […]

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May 27th 2016

“After a while, it becomes beautiful again,” came a voice at his elbow. He didn’t turn; he didn’t know how long he’d been staring at the midnight lake, its deep purple water gently lapping at his feet. He didn’t remember coming here. “You see all of the challenges as puzzles, all of the choices as […]

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May 26th 2016

Susan finished her reply and sent it off. She answered all of her fan mail personally (although she signed her responses as “Simone”), and typically got a lot of email when the last chapters of the audiobook were released and the work was done. “It’s so beautiful,” Susan had said to her agent earlier in […]

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May 25th 2016

“Teach me!” Murgood implored, beseeching. “My dear, dear friend,” Canter countered, “emphatically no.” Murgood groaned. “The materials traveling spell was meant to see into the essence of a thing – to live it out for a nanosecond to see how it works at its core. It was never meant to be used the way I […]

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May 24th 2016

Phil showed up at the school with the camera crew in tow, ready to thank everyone and get the interviews going. “Freaking hilarious!” he said in the van. “I offered a community education class on “Hiding The Body” and a bunch of people signed up for $25 per person! This is film school gold, man!” […]

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May 23rd 2016

Norma tore the letter open, thinking it was something from the Social Security Administration (it had an official look). “Dear Norma Faye Mason Granville,” it started – and went on to spell out very clearly that she was going to Hell if she, as predicted, stayed on her current course and died before the age […]

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Letters from Management #18

May 22nd 2016

James Mortimer, MD End Gate, Dartmoor Devon EX15 PL1
 England Good morning, Sir. Thank you for your recent inquiry and guidance regarding a stray in your area. We have many volunteers living in or near Devon and will ask them to investigate. It would be much appreciated, however, if you could provide additional information to […]

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