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Part Two: Heather Makes a Ray Gun

July 31st 2016

“The problem with delivery is the load distribution,” Heather added to her development notes. “Small but volatile source + stable activation construct seems to equal poor frequency control.” She sighed heavily and rubbed her eyes. So close; she was so friggin’ close. Heather looked over at the clock in the basement and groaned; it was […]

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July 30th 2016

The zombie virus affected all mammals, but animals were not coming back to shamble about in their rot and prey upon the gift of life. Scientists were stumped, but found no secret in biology that would unlock the door to a vaccine. Across the Rainbow Bridge, the German Shepherds formed an impressive barrier across the […]

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July 29th 2016

He begged them to understand; he had never been in love like this before. They listened, wanting to comfort him and yet needing him to see how it would probably go. “But she loves me the way that I am, warts and all,” he said, his yellow eyes beseeching. “Why can’t you understand?” “Oh, Honey,” […]

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July 28th 2016

“They’re self-absorbed, melodramatic, prone to lying, given to extreme delusion, pervasively ignorant, unenlightened, divisive, predatory, and unspeakably violent,” 112 said into the transmitter. “And you, 463? Your findings?” came the reply. “Uh … yes,” 463 responded, “they are all of those things, plus loving, creative, self-aware (and, therefore, apologetic), adventurous, incredibly funny, and occasionally noble.” […]

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July 27th 2016

Pauline put her hands in her lap under her desk and interlaced them tightly so that no one would see them shake. She was close to tears, so she tipped her head down slightly and attempted to breathe deeply and get control. “Center, center,” she repeated gently to herself. She was tired of the name-calling […]

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July 26th 2016

They sent Cuthbert to both conventions. Doughy with a relaxed (almost vacant) expression, he blended in easily with the throngs and was uniformly dismissed as a threat by those watching for trouble on both sides of the political spectrum. No one suspected that, if pressed, he could take out the entire main floor in under […]

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July 25th 2016

Heather went once with her mom (who liked Melissa McCarthy best), once with her older cousin (who like Kristen Wiig best), and twice by herself to focus on Holtzmann (whoever that actress was). “I’m just going to have to buy the DVD when it comes out,” she whispered, mentally allocating all of her babysitting money […]

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Letters from Management #26

July 24th 2016

Ms. Cheryl Abbott Logistics Management FX Network 
138 The Terrace
 Wellington Central 6011 
 New Zealand Dear Ms. Abbott, We appreciate your recent inquiry regarding the use of our town for filming the next installment of “American Horror Story”. As some of us are fans of the series, there was (naturally) a lot of […]

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July 23rd 2016

Superman walked out of the bathroom in his underwear, toweling his hair dry. “Something you want to tell me?” Batgirl asked, her voice cool and even. He froze. “Uh … no?” “Nice briefs,” she said, her tone sharper, her eyes narrowing to slits. “Marvel brand. Black Widow’s face on the front.” Superman groaned inwardly, kicking […]

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July 22nd 2016

“Awaken, Sleepers!” Life called as it moved down the streets in the form of a soft breeze. “Come out and claim a new day! Have no fear! The world is turning towards all those who step into its magic. I am waiting! You are everything you need!” “Cripes, does it do this every day?” asked […]

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