Tansy Undercrypt
Author, Illustrator, Purveyor of Doom & Whimsy


October 31st 2016

“And from the cold, watery reaches – from the depths of R’lyeh – it rose up … the devourer of aeons … the horror beyond the gates of madness … the … ” “STOP IT,” his wife said, turning a sharp corner out of the kitchen. “OR YOU ARE STAYING UP WITH THEM!” He smiled […]

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PART TWO: Teaching Some People Some Manners

October 30th 2016

The cops never did question her about the boy and Clara did not spend her time on worry and guilt. By the time a room was prepared for her at the memory care center, she had corrected the neighbor’s tendency to throw his cigarette butts in his yard, demonstrated exactly why today’s youth should give […]

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October 29th 2016

“We should get the GPS,” Cathy said, biting her lower lip. “No, we’ll be okay; just turn here … we should intersect with the highway if we keep going West,” Dave responded. “That’s what you said 2 hours ago,” Cathy responded, looking out of the window at the fog rolling in. “Just turn here,” Dave […]

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October 28th 2016

At the party, Greg was the center of attention – sophisticated and handsome, mysterious and romantic. “Wow, man, that tux is boss,” Mel said, passing him on her way to the snack buffet. He smiled and nodded, his Phantom’s mask shifting only slightly. Two of the dates that had arrived with other guys slipped him […]

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October 27th 2016

“What’s the weirdest thing you ever saw?” Marge asked him, and Buck put both elbows on the bar. “Tough one,” he answered. “I’ve passed through so many small towns that’ve raised the hairs on the back of my neck.” Marge waited, and the bartender loitered (just inside of earshot). “I guess,” Buck said, taking a […]

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October 26th 2016

Bradley sat down and stared at the stack of papers in front of him. “Best get to it; thanks,” he said, releasing Monica from their conversation; she left and shut the door behind her. Bradley breathed out onto the stack of applications, possibly four inches deep; nothing in the first bunch. He sighed, setting fifty […]

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October 25th 2016

Clara waited in the house, rocking in her favorite chair, lights off, looking through the window at the empty street. “Rock, paper, scissors,” she whispered. “Rock, paper … ” She paused, watching the paper boy come into view, chucking his obligation into every yard. Her eyes narrowed. The boy, some neighborhood kid, looked casually over […]

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October 24th 2016

“Ill-advised,” Alistair said, blocking the hallway with his arm. “I need to see him,” Miranda responded, immediately cross, “just for a moment.” She pushed past and was nearly at Dracula’s private study door when Alistair called after her. “He’s reading Keats,” he said softly and she froze. “Also Donne and Shakespeare. Last night was Rainer […]

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Letters from Management #36

October 23rd 2016

Dearest Mary, You are young and headstrong and clever as the day is long, but we must revisit your plans for the future and this writing business. Please bring a cool temper with you to dinner tonight. We must sit and talk about the whole of your life and how you plan to live it […]

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October 22nd 2016

“Here,” the angel said. “Stand here. Push the button to collect what is lost and make it found.” Beatrice pushed the button, utterly confused about what she was doing, but not wanting to appear stupid. And there they were. All of the love letters that had failed to reach her – promises, apologies, desperate yearnings, […]

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