Tansy Undercrypt
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November 30th 2016

“I just don’t want to die in a stupid way,” he said, wringing his hands. “I just don’t want that to be the only thing memorable about me.” The old gypsy woman smiled slightly. “You will have a long life … ” “Okay, but I don’t want to die on the toilet or roll off […]

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November 29th 2016

In the Target parking lot, turning on her lights to back out, Cathy gasped as she looked up to find a woman standing in front of the car, leaning forward against the hood to see in. “Shit,” Nancy whispered in the passenger seat. “Shitshitshit.” “What IS that?” Cathy asked quietly, terrified by the orange eyes, […]

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November 28th 2016

He clutched the boarding pass tightly in his right hand, willing his mind to quiet and his stomach to settle. “I’ve a mind to not go,” he admitted to himself, shifting his weight from his right to his left and closing his eyes. “Lots needs doin’ right here.” “It’s easy to preach to the choir, […]

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Letters from Krampus #2

November 27th 2016

Dear Courtney, Thank you for your philosophical essay on the nature of evil, culminating in the supported premise that the innate goodness of all beings makes their sacking at my hands a violation of natural law. Wow. You should eat more fiber and get that out. Now that I’ve taken a couple of aspirin and […]

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November 26th 2016

“I’ll be out most of the day; I’m going to the temple to visit with Karma.” Ravi slipped the messenger bag over his head and grabbed his keys. “Wait,” Avni said. “Karma requested a meeting?” “No, I did,” he replied. “I just want to make sure she’s not feeling overwhelmed right now. Kind of a […]

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November 25th 2016

They spread out in the living room, each to a lounger, open spot on the couch, or pile of blankets on the floor. There were groans interlaced with happy sighs and the occasional voiced appreciation for tryptophan. “Honestly, I promise myself that I’ll rein it in every year,” said one resting reveler. “And, every year,” […]

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November 24th 2016

Aron stopped at the kiosk and asked for the key. Moving slowly and respectfully, he paused to offer a little bow at several of the other gates (including the heroes and the little ones) while moving to the back corner of the grounds. Carefully balancing his tray, Aron unlocked the iron gate and slipped quietly […]

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November 23rd 2016

Wednesday passed through the parlor on her way to the kitchen. “Feeling peckish from a morning of voodoo?” Morticia asked, noting the bracelet pin cushion on her left wrist. “No,” she replied flatly, pausing. “I’m attending to the caramel apples. I don’t see why Halloween should be the only time we worry about the candy […]

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November 22nd 2016

When the Oracle stirred, it moved through Bud Hamm down at the Swedish Center (at the Sons of Scandinavia Tuesday Coffee). “When your longing refines itself, and you have a word for the dream at last,” it said, “set your course of action.” They stared at him (Knut, Mike, Earl and the others). “It is […]

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November 21st 2016

“Isolation and loneliness are the enemies of settler life, impeding resourcefulness and challenging emotional stability. Making a golem is the perfect thing for long years in the open wastes building habitats. The simulacrum serves as a distinct presence and, in some cases, may demonstrate an awareness of, an affinity for, or an interest in you […]

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