Tansy Undercrypt
Author, Illustrator, Purveyor of Doom & Whimsy


December 31st 2016

They asked for a pack of smokes and wished her a happy new year; Julie smiled, rang their purchases, and wished them happiness in return. She was anxious to get out of there; it was New Year’s Eve Day and she had a party to go to – somewhere to celebrate her decision to Do […]

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December 30th 2016

“Now, what the sam hell is this?” Durant said to his partner as they pulled up next to the cemetery gate. “At the scene and investigating,” Olson called in, shaking his head. “Looks like some good, old-fashioned, post-Christmas grave robbing,” he said, looking out of the window at a light shining brightly at the top […]

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December 29th 2016

“Tell me you didn’t put the two of them in the Green Room together? It was OCCUPIED,” the angel asked pointedly of Death. “If you wanted them separated, you should have said,” Death replied flatly. “We’re running out of space.” The angel huffed and stormed off. At the door, he heard the two women talking […]

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December 28th 2016

“Leave me for a moment,” the Jedi said, his back to them. “Please leave me.” All but one left the room as he’d requested. “Forgive me,” she said. “I cannot.” The Jedi sighed and patted the seat next to him. “Then sit here and listen.” She did not disobey a second time, but moved near; […]

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December 27th 2016

He walked into the break room, feeling their eyes set upon him. All talking ceased. He sighed heavily, hanging up his cloak and putting the scythe in its special stand. “It’s not my fault,” Death said quietly. They were glaring, burning holes into his back as if he’d gone to Hell’s break room by mistake. […]

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December 26th 2016

She reached into the pile of smoking black earth and drew out the wand. “Do not touch me,” she commanded and, clutching it, began to scream and convulse. He would have intervened but for a fear of her and her commands that had grown unshakable of late. After some time, she was still, then slowly […]

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Letters from Krampus #6

December 25th 2016

Dear Diary, I don’t know if there’s enough ibuprofen on the face of the earth to tackle this backache. Sheesh, what a haul. I sometimes wonder, “Am I not scary enough?” Hello! Living embodiment of your consequences here! Comeuppance city! Sackings and beatings galore! HELLO?!? Sigh. I don’t mind my job; I really don’t. It’s […]

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December 24th 2016

“That’s right, Honey,” the Spirit of Christmas Possible said into her ear. “You’ve always had the goods. Dry those tears and slap a little red lipstick on; you’re ready to break a few hearts!” The woman in the mirror sat up tall, put her shoulders back, and searched her makeup bag for the most wanton […]

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December 23rd 2016

They sat at the window looking out at the shadows cast by the moon on the fresh snow. “More coffee, Love?” he asked. “No, no,” she responded. “I’m fine. It’s almost time.” He turned off the light. The shadows on the snow shifted, changed, and began to move; the wind picked up and, hidden in […]

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December 22nd 2016

David brushed off everybody’s thanks, shooing them out of the door and wishing them a merry-happy-whatever-you-celebrate. He rubbed his hands and got to work putting blankets and pillows in the common room, placing bowls of water in all four corners, setting out a zillion toys, and filling every pocket (pants, shirt, jacket) with treats. Humming […]

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