Tansy Undercrypt
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January 31st 2017

She gave him a mug of tea (matte black, inside and out). He looked carefully around the room trying not to stare; there were blackout curtains on all of the windows; low-finished woodgrain flooring had been recently installed over what he could only assume was vinyl (given the age of the house and its kitchen); […]

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January 30th 2017

The door flew open and The Danger burst into the room quaking with rage. Sugar sat very still, tense and on watch (lest any of the puppies she’d piled right next to her try to wander off). The Danger lunged, hitting the line, sending a wall of flame up into its face. Sugar jumped, but […]

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Diary Pages: Warrant Officer Ripley

January 29th 2017

Nostromo. Awake and already regretting it. God, I hate this job. Distress call, my ass; this is a dead planet. I have a bad feeling. Comfy cozy inside repairing the damage we took on landing. Dallas took Lambert and Kane to the signal location; they’ve complained the most about boredom and infinity stress, so I […]

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January 28th 2017

They followed Mark from the shadows, staying well behind, watching and waiting for a chance to separate him from the others. He felt as if he was being watched and turned around frequently, but saw nothing. Mark stopped at a bonfire. “You guys okay?” There were grumbled answers; he kept moving. “Wendy Girl, you warm […]

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January 27th 2017

He came in the door after work, grateful to be home, bursting with stories, but no one was there. He fumbled about with his hat and his coat and, forgetting himself, tripped over the ottoman on his way into the living room. They fought amongst themselves, the men in the newsroom, trying to figure out […]

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January 26th 2017

Tina woke up early, got her stuff on, and then couldn’t get out of the door for a morning run; something was wrong. She made a banana smoothie, logged in and read her work emails, and wondered whether suiting up with a pair of power heels would make going in sound appealing, but couldn’t convince […]

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January 25th 2017

“I do movie magic; that’s my specialty,” Aaron said. They stared at him, confused. “Some warlocks do divination; some do healing; some do protection. I do … movie magic.” They continued to stare. “It’s considered an environmental magic,” Aaron continued, thinking a different starting point might take them down a clearer path. “I use an […]

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January 24th 2017

15D57 lost both legs in the first robot war (holding the line for the defense of Chicago); a rolling apparatus was welded on for continuance. The arm that was damaged in the second wave was replaced with a refurbished grappling appliance that was significantly shorter than the original limb. Upon receiving the impact that would […]

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January 23rd 2017

“I think we’ve made tremendous progress on the ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ stereotype; there’s growing societal acceptance,” Snowball said. “Yes, I agree,” Mr. Tibbets added, addressing the room. “I applaud Engineering’s continuing good work on baselining the quality of the simulacra!” “But how are we doing in terms of social media?” Fancy asked, shaking her right […]

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Diary Pages: Albert Einstein

January 22nd 2017

(Translated from the original German.) Math is so simple a thing. It is odd to be loved for so simple a thing.
 The entire depth and breadth of my work has resulted in a formula that proves change is the only constant in the universe.
 It should provide no comfort whatsoever.
 The very fabric […]

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