Tansy Undercrypt
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February 28th 2017

He paused the moving image and stared closely at the screen. “That must be …,” Timetallin looked down at his design schematics and made a quick note. Timeselvin came into the chamber with a tray of beverages. “Did you find it? The answer to the magnetic field problem?” He nodded and moved to the table. […]

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February 27th 2017

“I was wondering about your custom leatherwork,” said the caller. “Yep,” Jack said. “We do a lot of unique pieces; we’ve used just about every kind of leather.” “That’s wonderful,” the caller responded. “Would you have any problem making something out of human skin? I understand if it’s more.” Jack rolled his eyes. They got […]

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Diary Pages: Sarek

February 26th 2017

I expect that my son will distinguish himself in his studies, and model Vulcan principles of intellectual rigor and self-control. While his heritage has bestowed a disability of emotional readiness, this challenge can and will be met by the vigilance of his father and instructors (with the immediacy of their corrections). My wife has asked […]

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February 25th 2017

They moved very quickly, on high alert, out to the garage. Once inside, Shelby moved to the back and dragged the sheet off of his project. “An armored car,” his dad whispered. “Two layers of reinforced scrap metal sheeting with an inch between for the air system (4 hoses attached from this outside intake mount). […]

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February 24th 2017

“He was smooth as glass – smooth as anything,” Nancy said dreamily. Robin sighed, thinking that Nancy (and every other female on the planet) had all of the luck. “And then he slipped a Rufi into my drink,” Nancy concluded. “WHAT?!? He did what?!?” Robin reacted, horrified. “I KNOW,” Nancy laughed. “My gawd! Did anything […]

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February 23rd 2017

Ryan climbed into bed and waited, eyes wide and blankets pulled up to his chin. Within seconds, the closet door began to creak open and there was a soft wiggling sound under his bed. He reached out a shaking hand and hit the button to turn on his reading light. “Hey,” he said softly, looking […]

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February 22nd 2017

“You have a what?” Rick asked, startled. “A ghost,” Angie replied. “In your house – in this house?” Rick reacted, looking around as if to see something unusual. “This very house,” Tony replied, laughing. “Is it … evil, menacing; does it want you gone?” Rick asked next, rubbing his neck and wondering if something was […]

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February 21st 2017

“The Tukii believe that our emotions form a moving layer directly under our skin,” Miriam said, pouring herself another sherry. “They can align with us or betray us (which seems to the Tukii to indicate intelligence and will), so that layer is treated like a separate being entirely.” “That must make everything extremely complicated,” Gary […]

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February 20th 2017

“Following the ritual of release and safe passage,” the high priestess said, looking around at each coven member, “we’ll head to Lauretta’s for pie and coffee.” They all nodded. “At that time, we’ll let everyone sign up for some time with Sharon’s iPad before I return it to factory settings and effectively wipe it.” “Why […]

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Diary Pages: Marie Antoinette

February 19th 2017

(Translated from the original French.) I did NOT say, “Let them eat cake!” It vexes me that I am woefully misquoted absolutely everywhere now. 
 I said (if anyone cares), “Let them make me cakes!” 
 It seemed a simple solution to all of the unrest.
 At least for the restless bakers.
 I hate that […]

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