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May 31st 2017

“Well, first of all, they’re both a very disturbing type of brilliant,” he started, “so there’s that.” The interviewer nodded. “Handsome people. Might as well put that out there and, no, I’m not gay.” One of the cameramen laughed. “And there is a … quality … to the pursuit, if you will. An inexplicable draw, […]

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May 30th 2017

“Earth, hold her fast, down in the mud.” “Air, blow her hair around her face, disorienting her.” “Fire, mess with the flames of the grill, so that everyone is distracted.” “Water, fill her lungs.” Esther whispered the call into the wet sand where she had drawn the symbols. Enid Schnaebel would eventually totter down to […]

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May 29th 2017

“Today, we remember those who have served and still fight. We acknowledge the dignity, courage, and dedication of those who step forward to protect others, to preserve peace, to act as a champion for the most vulnerable,” Russell said, raising his glass. “Here here!” Grant called out. “Loud and proud!” Rebecca added. “We remember … […]

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Diary Pages: Prince Rogers Nelson

May 28th 2017

when you look in the mirror baby be your own best friend for we are the light fantastic (let’s trip) and the music has no end

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May 27th 2017

“So, Alex, we want to talk to you about your new card line,” Mr. Schlegel began. “I just finished the Get Well card; it’s so great,” Alex responded, smiling. “Yes, well,” Mr. Schlegel started, “it’s just that we don’t see consistent or growing demand for necromancy greeting cards here at Hallmark.” “Of course not!” Alex […]

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May 26th 2017

“Supper’s ready!” his mom called out. “Okaaaay!” he responded, immediately sighing. He hated the night before camp started – right down to your final fun meal (your last supper) before all of the jerks started arriving by bus and you all focused on “eating healthy” and “having fun”. He stuck out his tongue as a […]

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May 25th 2017

“He spends more and more time looking out of the window, talking to people who aren’t there,” Dara said, pausing at the doorway to her father’s room. “Is that normal?” “It’s very common,” Dr. Renwick said softly. “And entirely normal if the people they’re talking to have already passed.” Dara breathed a sigh of relief. […]

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May 24th 2017

“I love that you’d consider being a guardian,” she said, moving through the paperwork at lightning speed. “What kind of assignment would interest you?” He sat, pensive, for a moment. “The awkward; those who believe you are either born with savior faire or not (and are doomed if not); those that feel unworthy when good […]

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May 23rd 2017

After touring for almost 30 years, Johnny retired the golden fiddle that the Devil had given him; it sat in its case in a temperature-controlled vault he had designed for it. “It’s a beauty, and that’s no lie,” Johnny would say in every interview, “but it ain’t for sale.” His mansion had been robbed four […]

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May 22nd 2017

“I’ll give you these for the cow,” the peddler said, extending his hand. “Some beans? What? Are you joking?” Jack replied. “These are magic beans, son; they’ll open a doorway to a whole new reality.” Jack drew closer as the peddler pointed. “The blue one will shake things up, but you’ll keep your happy ending. […]

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