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June 30th 2017

“When did you notice that you were being followed?” the officer asked. “About two months ago,” Hannah answered. Two firemen pushed past them. “And you would or would not describe this as “stalking behavior”?” the officer prompted. “No, not stalking …. uh … maybe guarding,” Hannah responded. “In a tracking way – out of possessiveness […]

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June 29th 2017

“Darlings, love is a losing game – just like Amy Winehouse says,” Adrian dramatized, the back of his hand lifted high upon his forehead. “We might as well put our bath robes on and have a spa night.” “I’m not playing mani/pedi with you two weeks in a row,” Charles replied flatly. “Girls just wanna […]

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June 28th 2017

The old woman peered over at the cards before her and nodded. “Your animal spirit … it comes through,” she said with a dry cough. Laura sighed, looking at the same cards and seeing absolutely nothing. “What it is? What’s her animal spirit?” Kevin asked and Laura elbowed him hard. “It is a snake,” the […]

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June 27th 2017

“What’s your favorite music?” Anthony asked shyly, trying to make conversation. “”Muffled screams,” Wednesday replied, staring at him. Anthony fumbled with his phone for a moment, then set it carefully beside him; within seconds, a haunted house soundtrack began to play (with creaking doors, rattling windows, the moaning of ghosts, and bloodcurdling shrieks). “May I […]

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June 26th 2017

“What I mean is she’s solid – she’s solid magically,” he said. “No one is judging her,” the other replied. “And yet reason dictates we consider the irascibility of fairy magic and build that into the equation.” “I am not advocating rushing into this, but we want to draw the right power to our effort,” […]

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Diary Pages: Norville “Shaggy” Rogers

June 25th 2017

The old house. The old mill. The abandoned mine. I’m getting tired of driving the van to our next horrific, danger-packed, unnatural adventure. When I left home, I was moving AWAY from that crap – leaving it all behind me.
 But it finds you. Zoinks. 
 I’ll hang out with my friends for a bit […]

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June 24th 2017

“What are you doing, Grandma?” Toby asked, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. “Drinking champagne,” his grandmother answered proudly, setting her glass down and lifting him up to the breakfast counter while hugging him tightly. “Mom and Dad only do that kind of stuff at night,” Toby yawned. “I’m older than they are and I […]

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June 23rd 2017

“I don’t see what is, I see what’s below the surface – what’s happening; that’s why I’m anxious,” he said softly. “I’m always watching worlds collide.” “So, you literally SEE things happening?” she asked carefully. “Yes – and unhappening. It’s hard to explain,” he said. “Like … visions? You see visions of the future?” she […]

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The Saints of Freak Street (An Urban Hagiography): Saint 51

June 22nd 2017

He just knew the ones who didn’t have anybody. He’d invite himself over and make them dinner; they’d spend the evening talking about other worlds and alien races. Sometimes, Saint 51 would crash on the couch overnight, but always left before dawn. After that visit, they say all loneliness simply vanished. One look at the […]

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June 21st 2017

Shadows materialized by the gate and the security guard opened it promptly. “Good evening! Safe travels?” Barlow inquired. They nodded, yellow eyes glowing softly in the darkness. He extended a small glass of red liquid to each of them. “To refresh you,” Barlow said, turning and spreading his arms expansively. “Welcome to the Sunset Palms […]

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