Tansy Undercrypt
Author, Illustrator, Purveyor of Doom & Whimsy


July 20th 2017

“There is a kind of seduction in numbers – a wholeness that is everything it could possibly be … and yet … ,” Waters said quietly. “There remains an infinite landscape of exploration, a way of courting a different outcome, urging a deep union of disparate ideas.” The room was silent. “We move into position […]

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July 19th 2017

The little gray man buzzed as he spoke, the translator module affixed to his throat. “The universe, for all of its magnificence, is a place of chaos.” “I hear that,” Matt whispered, staring and wondering if he was dreaming. Moments ago, he’d been replacing rusted hardware on the Camp Mykennee picnic tables. “It is the […]

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July 18th 2017

“Look! A sliver of the moon!” Mary cried, pointing. “It’s as if she’s ruled the night, but she still wants more adventure! She can’t be held back! She’s a force to be reckoned with!” Charlene looked up and set her mouth in a flat line. “Or she’s trying to stay relevant since all anyone can […]

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July 17th 2017

“I just think fun is more important than premise,” said the one. “I disagree,” said the other. “There should be a purpose and a resolution of some kind.” “That takes out most long story arcs,” observed the first, “and I like me a long arc.” “I’m okay with quality over quantity,” replied the second. “Then […]

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Diary Pages: Sloth

July 16th 2017

Everybody else is still so freaking relevant. Still so deadly. We’re encouraged to focus on ourselves and our work, keep going until we make it, use our frustration as fuel, use others as inspiration, and stay sexy as hell.
 Pride, greed, anger, envy, and lust – all there.
 And me? I’m just a meme (slacking […]

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July 15th 2017

From “A to Z is for Zombies”, published 2021 (Global Reaction World Press/Western Region 1): Clive, Clive Crocodile; C is the letter that curves like his smile. Moving slowly towards the beach 
Where hundreds of zombies are within reach. Clive, Clive Crocodile Swims quietly (stealth takes a while) Until he picks a target snack And […]

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July 14th 2017

“BEWARE!” the man cried out, pointing, and all of the creatures in the forest froze in place. “Beware the Jabberwock, my son!” the man yelled, drawing his son near. “What the?” muttered the Jabberwock, raising its head from its lunch. “The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!” continued the man. “I’m eating my lunch!” […]

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July 13th 2017

David discovered the manatee maiden (a teemaid) crying in the shallows. “Hey, hey!” he said softly. “I’m right here. What’s the matter?” She pointed with a flipper to a cut on her tail, her eyes blinking with tears and her lower lip twitching with misery. “Did a boat do that?” David asked, carefully taking a […]

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July 12th 2017

“What would you do for your fantasy quit?” Ned asked Sheri in the break room. “I’d work with a local coven to cast a spell on everyone,” she replied without hesitation. “Ooooh … a curse; well done!” Ned signaled his approval with enthusiastic nodding. “Locusts? Plague? Loss of key accounts?” Sheri smiled. “Even worse,” she […]

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July 11th 2017

“I’m … well, I’m here for the same reason everyone comes here, I suppose,” she said softly, eyes down. “To find someone.” “Someone special,” he added (just as softly). “Yes,” she confirmed. “Someone specific,” he emphasized the last word, coming at last to the heart of the matter. “Is this real? Is it even possible?” […]

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