Tansy Undercrypt
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July 31st 2017

“Spider!” she replied and kept moving furniture, poised to jump, scream, and smash it with her shoe if it showed itself. “Oh, god,” Shaun added. “Help me look for it!” Barbara begged. “I’m going to bed,” Shaun commented, backing out of the room. “Good luck.” For the next thirty minutes, Barbara braved every corner, area […]

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Diary Pages: Ray Bradbury

July 30th 2017

They say that writing is a solitary profession, and I suppose it is for some. I’ve struggled more with claiming ENOUGH solitude (even though I sit in my study all day every day to welcome the words if they happen to come). Time and space are not the limitations people think they are; they are […]

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July 29th 2017

At sunset, Shadow went out to the fence and laid down next to the spot where the chainlink was torn. It would be dark soon. He did not want to hear that company was coming; he did not want to smell the dirt-and-blood caked fur or see the glowing yellow eyes (Mrs. Merrell looked a […]

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July 27th 2017

“I think the way you have this set up is complete crap,” Rebecca said to the angel. “How so?” it responded. “Well, all of this hate and pain and suffering … that shit is ridiculous,” she said, poking a finger at its chest. “You let the misery go on and on, expecting everyone to believe […]

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July 26th 2017

When Death arrived, he found Herb Fitzroy sitting up in front of a lap tray of Jell-O shots. “Haven’t felt good all day; wondered if you were gonna stop by,” Herb said with a smile. “Almost set out the tequila, but I been workin’ on these for poker night and it seems a shame to […]

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July 25th 2017

“You brought a new … uh … you’re dating someone new,” Heidi observed (awkwardly and visibly uncomfortable). Lydia nodded, looking out onto the patio where her date sat, talking animatedly and twitching his tail. “The incubus,” Lydia answered at last. “We’ve been seeing each other for about 3 months.” “Wow, that’s great,” Heidi responded, less […]

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July 24th 2017

Norman heard the whooping and the hollering in the side yard and muttered to himself from the chair to the switch that turned on the holy water sprinkler system. When the noise turned to shrieks and hisses, he laughed. “How you like THAT?!? Damn fool rabble-rousers!” The silence held for a while until, off in […]

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Diary Pages: Pandora

July 23rd 2017

I can’t stand it anymore. I’m going to open it. This is STUPID. It’s a BOX.
 What could go wrong?

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July 22nd 2017

“Welcome, one and all!” Brighton called out to convene the group. “Let us gather in friendship and raise our glasses to our shared vocation and camaraderie!” At the individual tables, conversation started easily among the guests. “I would never take an odd assignment,” Pennygill offered, helping himself to more bread and butter, “and, by that, […]

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July 21st 2017

“We’ve talked a lot about love,” the therapist said, looking around the circle. “We’ve shared our romantic hopes and dreams and touched on what scares us most about stepping forward.” A few heads nodded. “Today, I’d like to take our conversation one step farther and explore what it means to us to be lovable – […]

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