Tansy Undercrypt
Author, Illustrator, Purveyor of Doom & Whimsy


October 31st 2017

“Don’t go out into the woods at night,” the realtor said, handing over the keys to the house (her eyes on the skyline, ready to bolt for the car long before sunset). “I wouldn’t dream of it,” he answered happily. “There’s no point if I can’t see a thing!” “There are dark things in the […]

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October 30th 2017

The door creaked open very slowly. “Come in,” Hezen said, taking a deep breath to ground himself. “Thank you for seeing me,” came a deep voice from the hall. Hezen turned to find the monster stooping slightly to enter his office through the doorway, its height and breadth only the beginning of the horror. The […]

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Diary Pages: R. M. Renfield

October 29th 2017

They taunt me, pressing for inconsistencies in my story. Finding none, they choose to abuse me in their frustration rather than accept that I am right and take heed. Seward. Harker. They are too close to it, but Van Helsing knows that the master is real. I see it in his furrowed brow, the downward […]

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October 28th 2017

Wonder Woman landed a punch to his jaw and then kicked him hard in the solar plexus (a stylish combo the others felt sure could redefine “ass kicking” for generations to come). He reeled backwards, spinning to the ground, grabbing at the air. She moved quickly, tying him up with rope. Once immobile, she lifted […]

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October 27th 2017

“There was no bad blood between the holidays afterwards,” the Mayor told them, smiling and frowning then smiling and frowning. “They kept a respectful distance from each other, but feelings remained warm and supportive.” The children grinned from ear to ear (their brains chock full of cobwebs and presents under the tree). “The Pumpkin King […]

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October 26th 2017

He ranted on and on and on; they squirmed in their seats, not making eye contact and not commenting (because that never went well). “And you and you and you … ,” he blasted them, pointing from one person to the next. “Worst boss ever,” Helen texted. “Worst HUMAN ever,” Don texted back. Lindsey stood […]

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October 25th 2017

“Then she moved from alleys and tunnels to people’s sheds, fences, and houses,” Diana shared. “And no one ever got her on camera, heard her slopping around, or smelled paint fumes?” Cathy probed. “No, never,” Diana confirmed. “That’s the thing; she claimed that the pieces were divinely driven – from the location to the colors […]

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October 24th 2017

The dwarves grumbled, noisily gulping their ale. “Although their ways are nae our ways,” Rorit Stormhammer bellowed out, standing to drive his point home, “nigh on, we fight alongside them, kith and kin, and must take in all that could serve us well in that fight. D’ye ken, my brothers?” “Aye, but ’tis a grim […]

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October 23rd 2017

“Essentially, we made the same mistake with evolution that we did understanding the cosmos,” Hansen said, observing. “We put ourselves at the center of everything, assuming that we were the point of the whole thing.” “Corrected that later,” Thelen added, laughing. “And we’ll have to correct again,” Hansen continued quietly. “Evolution didn’t complete itself with […]

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Diary Pages: H.P. Lovecraft

October 22nd 2017

They ask about my writing with an air of pre-disappointment in their voices as if it will pain them anew to have me confirm that my work is neither popular nor scholarly; I frequently point to the pages in progress as if the need to finish them has made me deaf. I have picked the […]

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