Tansy Undercrypt
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October 23rd 2017

“Essentially, we made the same mistake with evolution that we did understanding the cosmos,” Hansen said, observing. “We put ourselves at the center of everything, assuming that we were the point of the whole thing.” “Corrected that later,” Thelen added, laughing. “And we’ll have to correct again,” Hansen continued quietly. “Evolution didn’t complete itself with […]

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Diary Pages: H.P. Lovecraft

October 22nd 2017

They ask about my writing with an air of pre-disappointment in their voices as if it will pain them anew to have me confirm that my work is neither popular nor scholarly; I frequently point to the pages in progress as if the need to finish them has made me deaf. I have picked the […]

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October 21st 2017

“You’ve been at it a long time,” his mother said. “How many cards are you making?” “A lot,” he answered. “A whole lot. Enough for the whole year.” “Birthday cards? Valentines? Party invites? What?” his mother rummaged out at the edge of the cards where the ink was dry. On the covers, skeletons were standing […]

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October 20th 2017

She stole into an unused room in one of the side corridors and locked it behind her, removing a small mirror from the pocket in her sleeve and using her wand to increase its size to full-length. She opened the buttons at her neck to reveal a locket worn beneath her robes. Taking a single […]

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October 19th 2017

At the convocation, the alphas scrutinized the packs, observing their growth in number and quality of membership. “The majority are solid,” said one confidently, observing the strength and power of his group, quiet and sleek in the light. “A few with poor change control,” said another, seeing more twitchy and whining half-turners than expected. The […]

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October 18th 2017

“When I was young,” she half-whispered, pulling jars off of their shelves, “what I wanted was to be beautiful.” “But you ARE beautiful,” Desiree said softly, watching her grandmother work, the dark skin translucent where the morning light fell upon it from the window. “It seemed to me that the beautiful had an easier time […]

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October 17th 2017

“Crazy stupid waste of time,” Len said, making a face. “Tapping into our magical core! Living our magical life! Embrace the magic that is YOU! What an epic bunch of shite.” He looked over at Brittany, who was walking with her eyes trained forward. “Not a bad box lunch, though,” Len teased her, sidling up […]

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October 16th 2017

After cleansing the house (sage and salt), they had it blessed (Catholic and Wiccan), and had two psychics come by to help whatever it was into the The Light (Marjorie and David). The strange activity continued. Peeling wallpaper was made whole again; cloudy antique mirrors were brilliantly polished; the baby’s crib (wobbly on one side) […]

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Diary Pages: Krampus

October 15th 2017

Got my costume. I’ve been going as Pan from “Pan’s Labyrinth” for years, but I want to shake things up. So I’m going as Santa Claus. 
 It’ll be so festive!
 My two favorite holidays together for one spectacular evening! Ugh. I waited too long to shop (as per freaking usual). It was the Santa […]

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October 14th 2017

“She’s been working on that quilt forever; how can it not be finished?” Wendell asked, stacking the trays. “Mrs. Abernathy only adds a piece when the day has had some love in it,” Constance replied softly. “She may not remember the person who was loving or what they did, but she can look at her […]

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