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Diary Pages: Katie Talbot

December 31st 2017

She would not let me see her for two days. When she did finally emerge (for a bath and some whiskey), the claw marks down the side of her face stole my breath away. Great goddamn. I was so sure she was going to lose that eye. 
 Eventually, she let me see the damage, […]

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December 30th 2017

Tara stayed in her car, breathing deeply; she felt him drive the last few blocks and pull up across the street. The feed was frightening (painpainhatreddangerpaindyinghatredpain), but she did not move from where she was parked. “Is he back?” came the voice on speaker. “Yes,” Tara replied. “Every Saturday morning like clockwork. Really scary clockwork.” […]

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December 29th 2017

The Ghost of Christmas Future and the Ghost of New Years Hence stood silently at the railing of the overlook, the lights of the city sparkling beneath them. Christmas sighed and hugged its black robes tight to its chest for warmth and comfort. “I’m tired,” it said into the light breeze and, down below in […]

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December 28th 2017

“Allow me to say ‘wow’,” John whispered, “with extra wow on the side, served on a bed of wow with wow sauce.” She laughed, so intoxicatingly beautiful when she smiled that he felt weak in the knees. “I made an effort this year,” Lily said softly, accepting a glass of pink champagne. “The time felt […]

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December 27th 2017

“I’m going to resist second-guessing instinct and trust my intuition,” Magnus said (in a low growl). “And I want to be here now,” the spirit of Agnes Hobb said next, “more fully present in this moment, not here, there, and everywhere with no rhyme or reason to it.” “Nicely done,” the Night Therapist responded encouragingly. […]

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December 26th 2017

They looked out upon the scene: garbage bins spilling over with paper and packaging, ribbons blowing down the sidewalks and streets, people in cars speeding away from family and friends (glum behind the wheel). “What’s it all for, eh?” Raccoon asked rhetorically, gnawing at the corner of a salvaged fruitcake (someone had forgotten it on […]

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December 25th 2017

Mrs. Claus came up from the basement smiling; her long silver hair was loose and spilling over her shoulder, her red lipstick perfect above a vintage Cure t-shirt with slim black jeans tucked into her favorite boots. Santa was there (in the kitchen), his salt-and-pepper hair mussed from sleep, in a muscle shirt and Joe […]

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Letters from Krampus #5

December 24th 2017

Children, Look, I know that I’m old and it may be tempting to say, “What does a sack-lugging goat demon know about how hard my life is?”, but I get it. 
I actually get it. 
 What astounds me is how few of you pick harmony over truly bad behavior. You’re all lovely meat puppets […]

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December 23rd 2017

“What the …?” Lenora sputtered, watching Dave wander into the clearing. He kicked up his hind legs, dancing under the full moon, three jingle bells tied to his tail. “I get a point for being festive,” Dave said merrily, giving his best Moon Moon grin. “And get docked 10 points for wrecking any chance we […]

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December 22nd 2017

“Hi,” he said shyly, sitting down and smiling at her indirectly. “I offer you formal but vague greetings directly or indirectly linked to any number of holidays or potential celebrations, should you observe, honor, or dabble in anything like that – up to and including random acts of setting things on fire for light and […]

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