Tansy Undercrypt
Author, Illustrator, Purveyor of Doom & Whimsy


December 16th 2017

*LANGUAGE WARNING: use of raw slang terminology; reader discretion is advised* “You know that this isn’t going to end well, yes?” the Mirror asked rhetorically, sharing his viewpoint from the wall. She stared at him, her eyes cold. “I am required, through my enchantment, to provide you with the information you seek,” the Mirror continued, […]

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December 15th 2017

“I could make you so happy,” Chris said, snuggling close. “I really like you and I think we’re on the same page.” She smiled back cautiously. “I mean, we’ve both been in tough relationships, so we’re ready for something perfect.” Another smile, hesitant, with a tiny flinch on the last word. “I would do anything […]

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December 14th 2017

Activating the hidden camera, Trevor smiled; he watched while Nash and Revik trudged up to the pine tree in deep snow, scattering dog toys about the base for the sanctuary wolves. Unable to help himself, Revik squeezed the rubber cheeseburger. “Foooeeeeeeeeppppth,” it squeaked, as loud as thunder in the silence. “Uh, guys,” Trevor said into […]

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December 13th 2017

The aliens stood (tall and elegant on two legs, with large opalescent eyes forward in what could be described as a very human-sized head) in front of the welcome party. “We have come at last,” one of the three said through a translation device. “It is a great honor for me to welcome you to […]

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December 12th 2017

“Come in!” Maureen said, opening the door against the bitter cold, inviting the Crombe family inside. “We’ve plenty for everyone. Billy, you sit there; Roger, there … ” Mrs. Crombe kept her shawl on and moved carefully into the room, afraid. “Alice, it’s all right,” Maureen said (more softly this time). “Come sit at the […]

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December 11th 2017

They watched her go by, adjusting her slip and then pausing in front of the drugstore window to check her reflection. She took the silk out of her hair, letting it fall loose around her shoulders, and kicked off her shoes, proceeding boldly down the sidewalk in her bare feet (bare but for one toe […]

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Letters from Krampus #3

December 10th 2017

Dear Donna, What does “Krampusnacht” mean? Well, roughly translated, it’s: “Get in the sack, you little shit.” It’s a special time where all of the vile terrors roaming the planet in girl and boy form get to pause and ask themselves, “Will he get me this year or will he not?”. I eventually get all […]

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December 9th 2017

He came into the great hall, moving quickly with the bold step of a young man. He stood tall and stately, warming his hands at the hearth fire, adjusting his cuffs. “You’re looking marvelous,” she said, resting her book in her lap, noting his high color and the shine of his dark hair. “Are you […]

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December 8th 2017

In the quiet of the dawn, the pulse of the World Tree could be felt in the earth, strong and free. The oaks sighed, letting go of their worry; the pines swayed, standing tall and proud; the birch asked their rivers to dance. “We are more than roots and branches,” It whispered, filled with love. […]

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December 7th 2017

The teeth came closer and closer, grinding and snapping. Scrunching himself into a ball inside of the closet, Todd tried to concentrate on his breathing; in and out (silently) … in and out … in and … in … He could hear them in the bedroom, clacking as they searched for him, tearing the bed […]

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