Tansy Undercrypt
Author, Illustrator, Purveyor of Doom & Whimsy


January 17th 2018

“You did what?” his mother asked, caught off guard. “Made up a ghost story,” Mikey confirmed, “about something called a karosspiegel – a monster that exchanges one of its parts for one of yours (whatever is hanging off of the bed).” “And you did this to explain why you’re on crutches?” his mother pressed, surprised. […]

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January 16th 2018

Tom’s backup brain sat on the shelf in the den, taking it all in. Through its preservation environment, it used limited sense access to ascertain that Tom had almost completely botched this first life (the functioning capacity of the Primary Unit). All data related to physical maintenance, intellectual growth, emotional stability, and spiritual synergy rated […]

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January 15th 2018

She listened to the story compassionately, nodding at all of the right times. “Are you sure it was … ,” she started, then stopped. “This is all so surreal!” she exclaimed (although it wasn’t). “I’ll talk to him,” she offered, obligated to do so. “I’ll get to the bottom of this,” she promised, not entirely […]

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Diary Pages: Panacea (Goddess of Universal Remedy)

January 14th 2018

How quick we are to praise Morpheus (Son of Night and God of Dreams) for art created in the excruciating hours of early morning. In truth, it is I who lingers in the doorway and watches your suffering. I wait as you pour out your fear and longing and delirium in one form or another […]

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January 13th 2018

“Poor old guy,” Larry said, watching Badger lurch down the street. “Stubborn as they come, that old goat,” Roger added. “Nigh on 110, half blind, deaf as a post, and still living alone out at the county line.” “Be nice,” Barbara chided, giving them a refill on coffee. “You’ll be lucky if that’s you some […]

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January 12th 2018

Bean sat very still on his perch near the window, waiting. He jingled the little bell softly and spun the sparkly thingies round and round. Soon, a small hawk landed on the deck railing and peered in, bobbing and turning its head from side to side in greeting. Bean chewed a piece of rope; the […]

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January 11th 2018

From the safety of the treehouse, Lynda ran a kind of non-stop zombie dance party across the lawn below. Using the solar generator to power her boom box, she ran a series of trials to determine what affect music had on the shambling dead. “Definitely slowing down for ambient,” she reported via Morse code to […]

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January 10th 2018

An old man’s voice answered his knock. “May I help you?” “Winston Felty,” Clarence replied, “I know that you are responsible for healthcare in this country; I’ve come to meet with you and arrive at a solution to my situation.” A dry chuckle came back, followed by the sound of locks being undone. Clarence looked […]

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January 9th 2018

She looked around, unsure about what to do. “A tricksy dealing?” the fairy asked herself (in a bit of a muddle). “Satisfying though it may be, the subtlety of a curse hidden inside of a blessing might be lost on ones such as these (who display a natural inclination towards doom). Hmmm.” She watched the […]

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January 8th 2018

“How’s it going?” Devon asked, reaching for the coffee pot. “Another day, another dollar in the pocket of the galactic overlords,” James responded, looking up from his phone with a shrug and a grin. Devon laughed. “Too right,” he agreed, heading back to his desk. “Later!” Behind the one-way glass disguised as a cork board […]

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