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November 19th 2014 in Microfiction

Peters listened carefully, occasionally taking notes. “Well, we can’t stay in any kind of hotel or motel,” the mother began. “Or farms; can’t do petting zoos or any kind of camping,” the father added. “He’s very withdrawn and distracted at school.” “No trips to the beach or even the circus.” “No antique stores.” Peters offered a compassionate smile before asking, “Is there a place he does like to be? A place he feels safe?” The parents looked at each other, pondering the word “safe”. “Well,” she said in a quiet and measured voice, “he likes the library. A lot.” Peters nodded. “Mr and Mrs King, I think little Stephen has a very fertile imagination, sees a lot of things and people that aren’t there, and lives out long storylines inside his head. Most kids do this, he just does it to a profound degree.” “So, you’re saying this is normal?” the father confirmed. “I’m saying,” Peters said slowly to add weight to his words, “that you’ve got yourself a writer.”

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“When did you know?” Foy asked, putting liberal amounts of brandy into his friend’s glass. “In the third grade, as preposterous as that sounds,” came the reply. “She stood there, in her blonde pigtails and blue dress at the front of the class, delivering the most erudite, confident book report on ‘The Necronomicon’ that I […]

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The zombie apocalypse began during the late shift, and the Dairy Queen grounds were packed with post-game idiots. “On the one hand, no Chem test tomorrow,” Hannah said to Decker while nailing pieces of metal shelving up over the windows. Peeking out, she noticed a number of people just standing there, pre-frenzy. “On the other, […]

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