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November 20th 2014 in Microfiction

The zombie apocalypse began during the late shift, and the Dairy Queen grounds were packed with post-game idiots. “On the one hand, no Chem test tomorrow,” Hannah said to Decker while nailing pieces of metal shelving up over the windows. Peeking out, she noticed a number of people just standing there, pre-frenzy. “On the other, so much for my engineering degree.” Decker was modifying his prosthetic to be a bayonet with replacement lawnmower blades from the back and some duct tape. Hannah had turned a small gas canister into a flamethrower and had been working on their Molotov cocktail stash for the last hour. “You and me, man,” she said to Decker who nodded. He was surprisingly cute for an arts major; if they survived … She put the flamethrower in the makeshift mount and told Decker to take his station by the side door. The clamoring outside had begun in earnest. Hannah sang, “Our milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard!” and opened fire.

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Peters listened carefully, occasionally taking notes. “Well, we can’t stay in any kind of hotel or motel,” the mother began. “Or farms; can’t do petting zoos or any kind of camping,” the father added. “He’s very withdrawn and distracted at school.” “No trips to the beach or even the circus.” “No antique stores.” Peters offered […]

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As they read the list of his heinous crimes aloud, Fred showed no emotion. “Cursing, astral manipulation, poisoning, kinesis with intentions to harm, thought control, necromancy, necrophilia, animal cruelty, and bullying. His aim? To extend the reach of his sorry life – in this one and the next – through the use of a simple […]

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