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The Guest

November 27th 2014 in Microfiction

Heather started picking up the extra place setting at the table. “No!” Dennis said, putting the knife and fork back where they’d been. “You have to keep that there for the spirit or whatever!” “The what?” she responded, surprised. “The spirit thing that follows us from house to house; it likes to be included at Thanksgiving or … stuff gets bad.” “Don’t be an idiot!” Heather yelled with a snort, holding onto the plate even more firmly while Dennis tried to get it out of her hands. “Oh, for Pete’s sake!” their mother exclaimed, moving into the dining room at top speed, grabbing the plate from her daughter and putting it in its place. “I’m sorry about that,” she said to the empty chair. Dennis smirked. “You come help me in the kitchen with the potatoes and let your brother finish here,” she said, firmly taking Heather’s arm. “I am NOT going through another Amityville this year, young lady.”

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They’d had other guests in the house before and were generous with food and accommodations. None had ever stayed so long as Goldilocks, however, and the bears were growing concerned that their porridge supplies were rapidly dwindling. “She can really put it away,” Papa Bear had remarked on more than one occasion. Mama Bear urged […]

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“Preparation is 90% of success” had been Nana’s motto, and Clarence had adopted it, becoming a person who put the necessary research and planning into any endeavor. After inspecting the house closely (she’d left it to him), he was delighted to discover a secret room built between the bathroom and the living room behind the […]

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