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November 29th 2014 in Microfiction

“Beth Ann had a suit – a boy’s tailored black suit, and she would come to your house if your fish or rodent had died (never anything bigger) and give it a proper funeral,” he said, pausing to enjoy the memory. “She had a special net for the fish and a little ‘burial at sea’ poem she’d recite before the Big Flush. That cost you two bucks.” He laughed. “For the other things, Beth Ann had a number of small craft boxes and she’d write something on it in the sparkly paint color of your choice. She had a dedicated garden spade for digging and a different memorial poem. That was five bucks.” Everyone smiled. “Never a dull moment growing up. She was a creepy kid. Creepy, but brilliant.”

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“Preparation is 90% of success” had been Nana’s motto, and Clarence had adopted it, becoming a person who put the necessary research and planning into any endeavor. After inspecting the house closely (she’d left it to him), he was delighted to discover a secret room built between the bathroom and the living room behind the […]

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“I just hate it that we never find out who dumps these little guys,” Bryn sighed, using a soft towel to dry the pup after its bath. “I know,” Sam agreed, distracted. “Abandoned in boxes, dropped in trash cans, chained to fences in the dark – and we never catch the bastards,” she continued. “I’ll […]

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