Tansy Undercrypt
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July 22nd 2015 in Blather, Microfiction

Olson lifted the yellow tape and crossed under it. “You guys call Special Investigations?” he asked the first cop. “Sure did; got us the most gruesome homicide I’ve ever seen,” came the response. “Come this way,” he continued, leading Olson onto the all-too-familiar set. “Any clues about the perp?” Olson asked. “A suspect has been detained,” said the cop. “He’s over there in the car.” Olson took in the bug eyes, the slack mouth, the blue hair. “No way,” he whispered. “I hear that,” said the cop. “Looks like C is for carnage as well as cookie. No press until we notify the Bird’s family.”

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Althea stepped out from behind a tree; she wore a Hello Kitty bike helmet and carried both a cardboard shield and a spork from KFC. “Leave him alone, Marta,” she said flatly to the older girl who was bullying Robbie James. “Say what? You talkin’ to me, Freak?” Marta rounded, puffed up to twice her […]

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Greg was surprised to find Mina awake and alert, sitting up in bed, and alone. “Hey!” he said, reaching for her hand. “Hey, yourself!” she said, taking it and holding on. Greg sat down and started talking, trying so hard to remember everything that he’d rehearsed in the car and failing. “Goodbyes are hard,” Mina […]

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