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July 21st 2015 in Blather, Microfiction

Althea stepped out from behind a tree; she wore a Hello Kitty bike helmet and carried both a cardboard shield and a spork from KFC. “Leave him alone, Marta,” she said flatly to the older girl who was bullying Robbie James. “Say what? You talkin’ to me, Freak?” Marta rounded, puffed up to twice her size. “Yes, I am,” Althea said very plainly. “Quit your bullying and go on home.” Marta pushed Robbie James away, allowing him the opportunity to pull his pants out of the wedgie he’d been given and pick up his glasses. “Or you gonna do what, Freak?” Marta yelled, stepping closer to the younger, smaller girl. Althea didn’t answer. “I said, YOU GONNA DO WHAT, FREAK?!?” Marta yelled, taking another step and preparing to give a shove. “This,” Althea said quietly, bringing the spork left in a generous arc until it landed in the soft flesh behind Marta’s knee. As Marta folded with a howl, Althea head-butted her with the helmet and successfully deflected a blow with the cardboard shield.  “I mean it, Marta,” Althea said again. “You quit your bullying and get on home.” As they walked away from the scene, Robbie James told Althea that he was going to marry her; she politely declined. “Then I’m your friend for life!” he pronounced, offering to carry her shield. “Okay,” she said, giving him the onceover and a nod.

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