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July 28th 2015 in Blather, Microfiction

“I know what it’s like to be your age and feel curious,” his dad said and Smaug could feel his face flush red. “It’s just … not a good idea … at such a young age … to search for this stuff on the internet. It’s dangerous, Son.” Smaug groaned. “I won’t do it again.” “No, you won’t.  You’ll do your homework at the dining room table and then I’ll log you off; you’ll have to get the password from me if you want to do something – and it’ll be out here, not in your room.” “DAD!” Smaug half screamed, slamming his head down. “I ONLY LOOKED ONE TIME!” “I know, but that’s enough to start a pattern,” his dad responded, “and I want to protect you. There are so many predators online …”  Smaug groaned again. “It seems harsh now,” his dad said, somewhat apologetically, “but it’s for your own good. It’s normal and, like I said, I was your age once. But, Smaug, can you imagine what it would do to your mother or baby sister to catch you staring at videos and pictures of … treasure? Think of how embarrassed you’d be.” Smaug nodded, clearly miserable.

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“I told Robert to mail these out posthumously so, TA DA, the fat lady is thusly singing,” the letter said. “I want you to remember me going out the way I came in – making a fuss and looking for the free drinks, my cheeks rosy and my hair Hollywood perfect.” “Don’t let yourself dwell […]

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