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July 30th 2015 in Blather, Microfiction

Tiki rushed in shaking all over. “Man, are there some things in the woods!  Those are some SMELLS!” he said, wiggling excitedly. “I know!” Bentley chimed in. “I got a huge whiff of undead horde!” “I was downwind of a migrating werewolf pack on my way over,” Max added, scratching his ears. “There are at least two or three flyers,” Pumpkin contributed, “and one of the vampires is really old and musty!” Tiki sat down. “Yeah, it’s goin’ down tonight. I’m planning on barking non-stop from now until whenever.” “Nice,” Bentley commented. “I may bark directly at the door in kind of a double warning.” Max nodded his approval. “I’ll do that nap-and-perk-up-then-run thing; I like to keep the drama low.” They all turned to look at Smoke the cat, who eyed them amusedly from the railing of the porch. “What about you, Smoke?” Tiki asked, panting. “What are YOU going to do?” “Nothing,” she said, stretching out. “Que sera, sera.” “That’s cold,” Max whispered (both in horror and admiration). “Stone cold.”

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