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July 31st 2015 in Blather, Microfiction

“The mortal coil can get … a little trippy,” the angel said, laughing. “You’re not kidding,” the soul said. “It got so insufferable so fast.” “The definition of ‘insufferable’ varies, of course,” the angel replied. “Well, I would define ‘insufferable’ as having the world turn on you – having your life ruined by something stupid!” the soul lamented. “Stupid as in ‘something you would never do again’ or stupid as in ‘sorry I was caught’?” the angel asked. The soul didn’t respond. “Okay, here we go,” the angel said, finding the name he was looking for in The Great Book. “You absolutely DO qualify for reincarnation and you have two options for your return!” “Wow! Two options? What are they?” the soul reacted, stunned at the luck. “Well, Walter,” the angel said with a smile but sad eyes, “you get to choose between being a … black person … or a lion.” The former Dr. Palmer folded, holding his head in his hands.

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Tiki rushed in shaking all over. “Man, are there some things in the woods!  Those are some SMELLS!” he said, wiggling excitedly. “I know!” Bentley chimed in. “I got a huge whiff of undead horde!” “I was downwind of a migrating werewolf pack on my way over,” Max added, scratching his ears. “There are at […]

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Eventually, Dracula embraced a bit of technology, under the gentle prodding of the young ones (those under 500 years of age). The camera wouldn’t pick his image up to FaceTime, but Skype was okay; he found IMs insufferable, but he took to email a bit and seemed passably interested in keeping in touch. Although technically […]

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