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October 22nd 2015 in Microfiction

The weirdo screamed and cursed them, saying she’d never felt supported, at the Sumner Valley Weight Watchers Wednesday night. “Sheesh,” Angela whispered, elbowing Patrice, “you get surprised by a two pound gain and the wheels come off of the car.” Patrice nodded. “What is she shouting?” Mavis asked politely. “I can’t make out any actual words.” “Apparently,” Angela recapped for her, “we are all what we eat now.” Patrice laughed. She intended to say, “You’d think a real witch could come up with something original”, but it came out, “Mooooo.” Angela turned in horror to watch the change occur and then her eyes grew wide in panic. Mavis smiled, still not able to hear, but that smile continued back and back and back as her skull flattened. She’d had gator for lunch. “Run, Patrice,” she whispered, her skin turning carrot orange.

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“You true, man?” a voice in the alley rang out. “Yeah, man; I’m good,” came a response from farther down. “Wally?” the same voice called. “You facing north, Brother?” “Comin’ back; doin’ the work,” sounded another voice in reply. Nick heard footsteps and felt himself shaken gently awake. “You okay?” someone asked. “You true?” “Please […]

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“Okay, so – over here – we’ll have the ball crawl,” he said, animated. “THEN, over here, the cotton candy station … oh, and the bobbing for apples! Right by the door is the photo booth and we’ll have the children’s costume parade end there; the judging will be onstage. What are you coming as?” […]

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