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October 23rd 2015 in Microfiction

“Okay, so – over here – we’ll have the ball crawl,” he said, animated. “THEN, over here, the cotton candy station … oh, and the bobbing for apples! Right by the door is the photo booth and we’ll have the children’s costume parade end there; the judging will be onstage. What are you coming as?” “What?” said the other, confused. “Your costume, Silly! What are you wearing for the party?” he responded, even more animated. “Uh … I’m coming as Batman,” Batman said, releasing a tranquilizing dart from his holster into Robin, who managed a weak, “Uh … oh … right” and fell to the floor. “Clearly overwrought,” Alfred said quietly, appearing to the Caped Crusader’s left. “Crime, yes,” Batman said with a smirk. “Party planning, no.”

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The weirdo screamed and cursed them, saying she’d never felt supported, at the Sumner Valley Weight Watchers Wednesday night. “Sheesh,” Angela whispered, elbowing Patrice, “you get surprised by a two pound gain and the wheels come off of the car.” Patrice nodded. “What is she shouting?” Mavis asked politely. “I can’t make out any actual […]

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“Hold on,” the bride said, hesitating at the start of the aisle alone. “Honey,” her mother said from the front pew, tears welling up. “Everybody just wait, okay?” the bride said again, her voice a little shaky. People looked around uncomfortably; the priest shifted his weight back and forth; the groom started back down the […]

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