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October 24th 2015 in Microfiction

“Hold on,” the bride said, hesitating at the start of the aisle alone. “Honey,” her mother said from the front pew, tears welling up. “Everybody just wait, okay?” the bride said again, her voice a little shaky. People looked around uncomfortably; the priest shifted his weight back and forth; the groom started back down the aisle to retrieve her, his heart breaking. The bride held up her hand. “There it is! Do you feel it? A cold draft?” she asked excitedly. The people closest to her nodded; they had felt something. “Hit the lights!” the bride called out and her cousin flipped the switches for the main aisle. In the partial darkness, a mist had formed to the bride’s left, growing and becoming a bit more solid. “I knew it!” the bride said happily as several people gasped. “I knew you’d find a way to walk me down, Dad.” She nodded for the music to begin.

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“Okay, so – over here – we’ll have the ball crawl,” he said, animated. “THEN, over here, the cotton candy station … oh, and the bobbing for apples! Right by the door is the photo booth and we’ll have the children’s costume parade end there; the judging will be onstage. What are you coming as?” […]

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“When we get back to the farm,” Beta Leader said to Bryan, “just change and then wait before you shower. Someone will be along to check you over.” “For ticks?” Bryan asked with a tiny shudder. “Uh … no,” replied Beta Leader. “For tracking tags. There are 14 thousand research scientists in the woods this […]

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