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October 26th 2015 in Microfiction

“When we get back to the farm,” Beta Leader said to Bryan, “just change and then wait before you shower. Someone will be along to check you over.” “For ticks?” Bryan asked with a tiny shudder. “Uh … no,” replied Beta Leader. “For tracking tags. There are 14 thousand research scientists in the woods this time of year and every single one has a tranq-and-tag gun. If you feel particularly relaxed after a hunt, it’s a good bet you were hit and slept for a couple of hours.” Bryan just stood there, amazed. “Do you ever just leave them in?” he asked with a smile. “From time to time,” Beta Leader smiled back. “We let ’em wonder how a lone wolf could so easily get into a neighborhood Target or Whole Foods.”

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“Hold on,” the bride said, hesitating at the start of the aisle alone. “Honey,” her mother said from the front pew, tears welling up. “Everybody just wait, okay?” the bride said again, her voice a little shaky. People looked around uncomfortably; the priest shifted his weight back and forth; the groom started back down the […]

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“The assailant entered the yoga studio while she was meditating facing away from the door,” the officer said. “She didn’t see him approach?” asked the lieutenant. “No, Sir,” the officer replied. “She reports ‘feeling his energy’ and moving into action.” “Okaaaaay,” the lieutenant said, “and then what happened?” “She moved slightly, grabbed a 10 pound […]

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