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October 27th 2015 in Microfiction

“The assailant entered the yoga studio while she was meditating facing away from the door,” the officer said. “She didn’t see him approach?” asked the lieutenant. “No, Sir,” the officer replied. “She reports ‘feeling his energy’ and moving into action.” “Okaaaaay,” the lieutenant said, “and then what happened?” “She moved slightly, grabbed a 10 pound medicine ball, spun, and launched it right into his face full force.” “Ouch,” said the lieutenant without meaning to add a personal comment. “Yep,” the officer responded, shaking his head. “He was out cold, holding the cord he intended to strangle her with in his hands. Then …” “There’s more?” the lieutenant asked, greatly interested. “Oh, yeah,” the officer said with a smile. “She rifled through his pockets and got his phone. It was unlocked. She called his mom and told her everything, THEN she called 911 for the facial injury and unconsciousness.” There was a moment of shared silence and then the lieutenant quietly commented, “That guy’s gonna wish she’d killed him.”

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“When we get back to the farm,” Beta Leader said to Bryan, “just change and then wait before you shower. Someone will be along to check you over.” “For ticks?” Bryan asked with a tiny shudder. “Uh … no,” replied Beta Leader. “For tracking tags. There are 14 thousand research scientists in the woods this […]

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“I hate it when they rush Christmas; it’s not even Halloween yet!” Melanie complained loudly, looking at the displays of ornaments and fake wreaths already in place. “I know!” Cathy said. “Plus I hate Christmas anyway.” Krampus, stocking in the stationery aisles, overheard them and drew a notebook from his smock pocket. The off season […]

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