Tansy Undercrypt
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October 28th 2015 in Microfiction

“I hate it when they rush Christmas; it’s not even Halloween yet!” Melanie complained loudly, looking at the displays of ornaments and fake wreaths already in place. “I know!” Cathy said. “Plus I hate Christmas anyway.” Krampus, stocking in the stationery aisles, overheard them and drew a notebook from his smock pocket. The off season would end in a couple of weeks and he could quit his temp job to be about his larger, more important work. “And they just gloss over Thanksgiving – like that never even happens,” Melanie continued, disgusted. Krampus licked his lips and tapped his right hoof. “Patience, patience,” he thought to himself silently. “You will see them again soon.”

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“The assailant entered the yoga studio while she was meditating facing away from the door,” the officer said. “She didn’t see him approach?” asked the lieutenant. “No, Sir,” the officer replied. “She reports ‘feeling his energy’ and moving into action.” “Okaaaaay,” the lieutenant said, “and then what happened?” “She moved slightly, grabbed a 10 pound […]

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“What?” Lynette asked as Miguel came into the store looking worried. “We … um … lost some critters,” he said breathlessly. Lynette froze. “They could still be in the shop, but …,” he continued, scanning the walls, the floor, and the hundreds of dry cleaning bags on their motorized track, “… they could also be […]

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