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October 29th 2015 in Microfiction

“What?” Lynette asked as Miguel came into the store looking worried. “We … um … lost some critters,” he said breathlessly. Lynette froze. “They could still be in the shop, but …,” he continued, scanning the walls, the floor, and the hundreds of dry cleaning bags on their motorized track, “… they could also be … uh … loose.” Lynette’s arms broke out into goosebumps and her face flushed with anger. She had worked so hard not to worry; she had trained herself to not even give the reptile shop next door a second thought. “Oh my gawd,” she whispered, looking around. “I’m … I’m really sorry,” Miguel said quietly. “How many ‘critters’ are we talking about?” Lynette asked, afraid of the answer. “Just two,” he answered. “Just two what?” she followed up, not even knowing if she should move. “Two … giant armored blood scorpions,” Miguel said, staring at the vent above the bag carousel; it had been pushed from the wall on one side. Lynette followed his gaze and gasped. “Poisonous?” she whispered. “Oh yeah,” he said, backing slowly towards the door.

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“I hate it when they rush Christmas; it’s not even Halloween yet!” Melanie complained loudly, looking at the displays of ornaments and fake wreaths already in place. “I know!” Cathy said. “Plus I hate Christmas anyway.” Krampus, stocking in the stationery aisles, overheard them and drew a notebook from his smock pocket. The off season […]

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