Tansy Undercrypt
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October 31st 2015 in Microfiction

A teddy bear was retrieved from the floor. Hair was lightly stroked. Hands were held. Whispers of comfort were heard on the wind. A lonely man received a kiss. Familiar spots of warmth were felt on laps and beds. Dreams were vivid and filled with messages of support and encouragement. “Ah, Halloween,” Madame Leota said. “Why do they come back?” Amanda asked, bringing the psychic her afternoon tea. Madame Leota smiled. “Because life is so hard,” she replied, not taking her eyes away from the window, “and the dead are incredibly kind.”

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“Thanks for coming in,” Mr. Reilly said, turning in his office chair. “This is Mr. Bellford.” The introduction to a man sitting off to one side included a small, sweeping gesture. Mark felt the bottom of his stomach drop out. “I am so getting fired,” he thought to himself. “We’ve been watching you, Mark, and […]

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One day, Ed woke up knowing something about red wine; he knew which bottle to buy, how to cook with it, and what it paired with. He could talk about it easily with other people (and his shyness evaporated). Ed joined a connoisseur’s club and made friends; it wasn’t long before they suggested he study […]

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