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August 9th 2016 in Microfiction

“Lunch?” they asked her, grabbing their coats. “I can’t; I’m booked solid this afternoon,” Amy replied. “You have ONE appointment,” Mark razzed her. “Yep,” she said, not taking the bait. “We’re chiropractors, not brain surgeons,” Tina added, grabbing her purse. “I’m sure your client could wait for 20 minutes.” Amy shook her head ‘no’. “Girl, I …,” Mark started, but Roberta interrupted him on her way through the break room by putting some money in his hand. “Here’s five bucks; bring her back a veggie wrap from the food cart – sandwich only – hummus (no mayo), no onions, extra cilantro. The client is Bruce Banner.” Mark and Tina stood frozen, their mouths open. “Get moving,” Roberta said, shooing them out. Amy just smiled and sipped her tea, breathing deeply to get grounded.

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“Could I have your attention for a minute, everybody?” Leo said, standing up on a chair in front of the 20-30 seated browsers and another 14 standing in two checkout lines. “I’ve been in this bookstore for almost four hours and I have no idea what I’m doing. The staff has been great, but I […]

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“Honestly, I have GOT to know what that sound is,” he said, standing up. She grabbed his arm. “It’s almost midnight; just leave it until the morning.” “I can’t; it’s driving me nuts,” he replied. “Every night – every single night about this time, that sound starts in the basement. Clicking and scraping.” “What if […]

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