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October 18th 2016 in Microfiction

“Once upon a time,” the elfmother read, “the Nonmagicals, in their grim, grey cities far from the green wood, grew restless …” Her child gasped. “They’re not coming here, are they? Please don’t let them come here.” “Oh, Child,” she said, drawing a sigil upon the air to increase the warmth of the fire, “they’re not coming here. There is no way to find us on Google Maps.” “Okay,” the elfchilder whispered, snuggling down close, relieved. He had a love/hate relationship with stories of the nonmagical world, wanting always to know more, but not wanting the nightmares that frequently followed.

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When the northernmost delegation was introduced, a hush fell over the crowd. “My God,” Robin whispered, “what are those?” Standing over 7 feet tall, the Arctic werewolves strode in, silver hair to their shoulders, fur cloaks held at the collar by a leather and bone clasp, orange eyes blazing. “It’s like something out of a […]

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“And you?” the instructor asked. “Why do you do yoga?” “Well, it started on a dare, like a lot of the stuff I try,” he responded. “I had dismissed it as something absolutely not-for-me.” He smiled and tried to settle into the pose. “The thing is … work is really stressful and I just needed […]

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