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January 9th 2017 in Microfiction

A scraping and a tapping came from the back room of Gepetto’s workshop; the guides exchanged glances. “Is there someone at work in there?” asked one of the tourists. “Can we see what’s going on?” asked another. “The back rooms of the workshop are closed for repair,” said one of the guides. “I’m sorry.” A crash and then a dragging sound occurred as they were herding everyone out. “I’ll get Arno,” the second guide whispered to the first. “Obviously, more of Gepetto’s creations are coming to life.” He nodded and shuddered. “They should have stopped him at Pinocchio; the nightmares that came later …” “Take them to the gift shop,” said the second guide again. “We don’t want anyone to see the flamethrowers.”

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I’ve met someone.

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“Why does no one ever die in The Hundred Acre Wood?” one of the young rabbits asked Owl. “Because we have plenty of space for living,” Owl said, matter-of-factly. “Simple as that.” The young ones puzzled, but couldn’t think of another question, and relaxed into complete agreement. Owl breathed a sigh of relief watching them […]

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