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Diary Pages: Sherlock Holmes

February 5th 2017 in Microfiction

Watson chides me for the syringe I keep in my writing drawer and, as a doctor, I would expect nothing less.
He does not fail me.
Yet, in liberties taken, he is incorrect in his assessment of cause and effect; there is no weakness that has bred addiction.

The mind must remain clear while the body is grounded and relaxed.

There is no other safe way to engage consistently with the public – the crush of humanity with its staggering levels of self-involvement and distinct lack of basic reason.

There is no other safe way to navigate successfully through their ridiculous lies, tremendously boring secrets, and rudimentary grasp of right and wrong.

Care must be taken to avoid the most intelligent reaction to such a steady influx of idiocy and drama worthy of a country pantomime:

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“The transformation is not romantic,” Warren told the newbies (who were hanging on his every word), “and you will not have omnipotent power. The full moon does not beam your sorry behind into a high budget Hollywood film. Your bones will break; your cartilage will explode in order to reconfigure; your skin will shred; it […]

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