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March 13th 2017 in Microfiction

“I just thought it would be different,” she said, wiping the blood tears away. “I mean, I thought you got TRANSFORMED.” He put his arm around her gently. “But you ARE transformed, dear one.” “That’s not what I mean,” she sniffled and gestured down the length of her body. “Great, you’re a vampire now. You get to be the world’s chubbiest immortal; too bad you didn’t go paleo when you were ALIVE!” She reached for another Kleenex. “And when does the ruthless part kick in?” she asked, her lip trembling. “The last time I fed, I tripped on a crack in the sidewalk stalking my prey and fell into the bushes. He had to help me up and, when I bit him, I kept apologizing for making everything so awkward!” He pulled her closer, both to comfort her and to stifle his urge to laugh. “It’ll get better,” he whispered. “It had better,” she whispered back. “At least, when I was human, I had ice cream.”

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(Fall of Numenor)

Screw you, Elves and Men.

What a bunch of epic tossers.

While you’re patting yourselves on the back, getting drunk, and turning on each other, I’ll be whipping up some minions and planning my comeback. 

Don’t get too comfortable.

I have my eye on you.

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