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March 14th 2017 in Microfiction

“Okay, so let’s take the failed test and deconstruct it again,” Morris said, looking at the data on his screen. “If we revisit the first tier variables, we can not only confirm their impacts, but steal an opportunity to commute or offload those impacts to the second tier variables … ” MacLaverty joined Harris and Pok who were staring at Morris and sipping their coffee. “What happened?” MacLaverty asked after a few seconds. “The simulation rocket exploded upon acceleration,” Harris replied. “He’s been reworking the scenario all night.” “I bet he was upset!” MacLaverty said, feeling sympathetic. “He’s never upset,” Pok commented. “That is one optimistic guy.” “That’s a guy who would run out into nuclear winter to build a snowman,” Harris added. They nodded in unison and continued to stare.

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“I just thought it would be different,” she said, wiping the blood tears away. “I mean, I thought you got TRANSFORMED.” He put his arm around her gently. “But you ARE transformed, dear one.” “That’s not what I mean,” she sniffled and gestured down the length of her body. “Great, you’re a vampire now. You […]

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“They’re so serious,” the caterer whispered to Alfred. “You’ll find a note of sarcasm and some good-natured ribbing here and there but, yes, quite serious on the whole,” Alfred replied. “I guess … I guess I expected that, when they all got together, there’d be more stories and laughter,” the caterer continued. Alfred chuckled and […]

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