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March 16th 2017 in Microfiction

They went around the table sharing their plans for the weekend. When it was Lynn’s turn, Debbie whispered, “Let me guess … sleeping?” Lynn blushed. “Sleeping is pretty much always going to be my answer (although it doesn’t sound like much of one),” she said quietly. “In my dreams, I see things clearly; I see potential; I see how to change the present; I see all of us happy and living our best lives.” “Wow,” said Debbie, her face sad and apologetic. “I also see David Bowie,” Lynn added, reaching for a cookie.

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“They’re so serious,” the caterer whispered to Alfred. “You’ll find a note of sarcasm and some good-natured ribbing here and there but, yes, quite serious on the whole,” Alfred replied. “I guess … I guess I expected that, when they all got together, there’d be more stories and laughter,” the caterer continued. Alfred chuckled and […]

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They watched him mesmerize the girl, her eyes growing wide and then soft and unfocused. He leaned in tenderly to put his lips against her throat. “You see that my hands rest gently on her shoulders, neither clutching nor dragging her closer to me,” Dracula said aloud. “I do not need her body to balance […]

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