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March 17th 2017 in Microfiction

They watched him mesmerize the girl, her eyes growing wide and then soft and unfocused. He leaned in tenderly to put his lips against her throat. “You see that my hands rest gently on her shoulders, neither clutching nor dragging her closer to me,” Dracula said aloud. “I do not need her body to balance mine; I am like a breath of air around her.” “Fuuuuuuuuuck,” Clem whispered. “I’m like a coughing fit to mine. How does he DO IT?” “Roughly a thousand years of practice,” Jamie said, sighing heavily. “Or a natural grace that the tragically awkward will never understand,” Andrea added smiling. They didn’t turn to look at her.

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They went around the table sharing their plans for the weekend. When it was Lynn’s turn, Debbie whispered, “Let me guess … sleeping?” Lynn blushed. “Sleeping is pretty much always going to be my answer (although it doesn’t sound like much of one),” she said quietly. “In my dreams, I see things clearly; I see […]

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“Be honest. You miss it.” Ron gave him the side eye and a wry grin. “School?” came the response. “The big prophecy … being special … normal life is tragic boring, yeah?” “No, I don’t miss it in the least, actually,” Harry answered quietly. “And normal life is worse in a way – because the […]

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