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March 18th 2017 in Microfiction

“Be honest. You miss it.” Ron gave him the side eye and a wry grin. “School?” came the response. “The big prophecy … being special … normal life is tragic boring, yeah?” “No, I don’t miss it in the least, actually,” Harry answered quietly. “And normal life is worse in a way – because the sides aren’t clear, and you’re not sure who’s got your back, and you’re still going to lose people (just like before).” “GAH, I was JOKING!” Ron groaned. “Trying to get a rise!” Harry laughed. “Sorry,” he said grimacing. “You overthink everything is what you do,” Ron added, topping off their stouts. “In my defense,” Harry added, “I’ve been thinking a lot about Dobby.” Ron fell silent and then raised his glass to toast.

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They watched him mesmerize the girl, her eyes growing wide and then soft and unfocused. He leaned in tenderly to put his lips against her throat. “You see that my hands rest gently on her shoulders, neither clutching nor dragging her closer to me,” Dracula said aloud. “I do not need her body to balance […]

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Sooner or later, you get back to basics. You have to (nobody let you forget where you from). I’m still that skinny black kid that was never gonna rock and roll, y’know? Forces intervened; they did for me and they will for you. But you best not forget yourself; stay true to what you got, […]

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