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April 12th 2017 in Microfiction

Carol entered the bar and looked around. She smoothed the front of her dress and tucked her hair behind her right ear. “Not bad,” she whispered, catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror behind the bar. “Not good, but not bad.” Spotting her friends, she began to wedge into the crowd, inching towards the table. “Hey,” said a suit coat with short blonde hair. “Hey,” she replied, being polite. “What’s up?” said a long sleeved white t-shirt and a gold chain with dark brown hair. “Nothing yet,” she replied, making slow progress. “Dance later?” said dark red skin, prominent horns, and a tail. “You know it,” Carol replied, making direct eye contact. He grinned and she smiled back. It had been a long day, gin sounded like just the thing, and she was in a mood to dance with the Devil.

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Tim and Lesley watched them through the conference room window (nonchalantly); it was hard not to press their faces up to the glass. Phil was gesticulating wildly, his voice growing louder. Medina sat in front of him, eyes narrowed, with her right hand playing at the bottom edges of her head wrap. “It’s happening! It’s […]

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In the kitchen, Paul stopped. “Keep the radio on at all times. I cannot stress this enough.” Kelley looked over at the ancient boom box and smiled. “The house likes to jam?” she asked, smiling. The 40s Big Band melody suddenly switched to a club mix of “Pump Up The Jam”. Kelley froze. “The house […]

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