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April 14th 2017 in Microfiction

“Are they all here in the warehouse?” Steve asked, marveling at the size of the place. “The haunted mirror? The singing mice? The dancing brooms?” Maeve laughed. “No, they’re not all here. This is just one building; there are several more – much like The Smithsonian.” “The grandmotherly teapot and the bumbling utensils? The flying carpet?” Steve added to his list, spellbound. Maeve smiled sweetly at him. “Storage environments for ensorcelled items and beings are carefully constructed for maximum comfort, built to suit in size, shape, and materials.” “OH, MY GAWD, TELL ME YOU HAVE THE PUMPKIN CARRIAGE!” Steve pleaded, his eyes wide. “We have the pumpkin carriage,” Maeve confirmed and he shrieked with delight. “Here, put these on.” She handed him noise-cancelling headphones. “The noise is deafening and, also, try to relax. Some of these things were filmed at their most adorable and are … not like that every day.” “What? Really?” Steve asked, surprised. “Yeah,” Maeve responded, “and, for the most part, they hate each other.” She reached out to put her card key in the lock.

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In the kitchen, Paul stopped. “Keep the radio on at all times. I cannot stress this enough.” Kelley looked over at the ancient boom box and smiled. “The house likes to jam?” she asked, smiling. The 40s Big Band melody suddenly switched to a club mix of “Pump Up The Jam”. Kelley froze. “The house […]

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“You’re insane,” Tett whispered. “If the drones spot you, you’re done.” “If the drones spot me, it’s a blessed release from a life not worth living,” Solly replied. Tett sighed. “I just … .” “I know,” Solly said quietly, cutting him off, “but I will NOT give up my freedom of mind. I will NOT […]

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