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April 15th 2017 in Microfiction

“You’re insane,” Tett whispered. “If the drones spot you, you’re done.” “If the drones spot me, it’s a blessed release from a life not worth living,” Solly replied. Tett sighed. “I just … .” “I know,” Solly said quietly, cutting him off, “but I will NOT give up my freedom of mind. I will NOT give up my imagination without a fucking fight.” A shadow appeared at the appointed spot. Solly bent low and ran along the dark side of the alley to crouch near. “What do you need?” came a low voice. “Fiction,” Solly barely whispered. “Fantasy or science fiction if you’re stocked.” “You got tokens?” the voice came again. “Yes,” Solly replied. “You can have my soul if I can have two.” “Tokens is fine,” said the shadow, and put out its hand. The transaction complete, Solly felt the weight of two books in the loose cloth wrap. “Thank you,” he said, surprised by the tears in his eyes. “This never happened,” the shadow answered, disappearing.

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“Are they all here in the warehouse?” Steve asked, marveling at the size of the place. “The haunted mirror? The singing mice? The dancing brooms?” Maeve laughed. “No, they’re not all here. This is just one building; there are several more – much like The Smithsonian.” “The grandmotherly teapot and the bumbling utensils? The flying […]

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action: investigate alarm * /// smoke
analyze * /// fire

audio report * /// incident at Level 0.3 (containable)

(audio response)

record * /// “never mind”

analyze * /// possible user error

(audio response)

record * /// “cigarette”

record * /// “(laughter) (second party)”

record * /// “J.A.R.V.I.S doesn’t like you smoking (second party)”
analyze * /// user error * no escalation path

(audio response)

record * […]

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