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April 19th 2017 in Microfiction

“You going home for break?” Brett asked as he zipped up his backpack. “Yeah,” Mike replied. “Springtime in Nebraska – gotta help the folks with the farm.” “Do you guys have chickens and pigs and cows?” Wendy asked excitedly. “All of that and so much more,” Mike replied. “Our poop diversity is spectacular.” Brett hummed something from “Oklahoma” and everyone laughed. “You mendin’ fences and mucking out the barn?” “Prolly,” Mike played along. “An’ after I’m done painting crosses on the outbuildings, might do a fair bit o’ courtin’.” “Wait … what?” Wendy sputtered, laughing. “Crosses on the roof – on every roof,” Mike said, standing up to go. “And holy water laid down at every threshold.” “Dude,” Brett started, not knowing what else to say. “You are not serious,” Wendy added. “Springtime in Nebraska,” Mike repeated. “Vampire migration.” Brett and Wendy sat, confused about the joke, but Mike was as serious as he’d ever been.

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The child awoke screaming. “I’m right here! I’m right here!” yelled the mother, running down the hall. She threw open the door to see the rumpled bed and the tear-streaked face, the finger pointing to the corner of the room. “It’s all right,” the mother cooed. “It’s going to be all right.” “Is everything all […]

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“They tease me,” he said, sitting down at the end of the dock. “They accuse me of slipping – in my mind and in my writing.” He trailed two fingers along the surface of the water. Moments later, glowing eyes appeared, looking up at him through the blue. “Today, my publisher asked me what he […]

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