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April 21st 2017 in Microfiction

Darcie walked into the kitchen to get more salsa, pausing to look back at the women gathered in her living room. “My tribe,” she whispered, grateful for friends to celebrate with (remembering a time when there were none). “Refills on Diet Coke!” Heather called out (and Darcie gave her a nod). They were programmers, teachers, librarians, and chemical engineers – all sitting in a circle comparing the world views of “Star Trek” and “Star Wars”. “Nerds,” Darcie said to herself, smiling. The doorbell rang and Monica rose to answer it. Two men entered, one dark and the other fair. “Our quest is at an end,” said the first, looking around. “We should rest a while,” said the other, stepping forward. “Holy shit,” Darcie said, her mouth falling open. “May we trouble you for food and drink?” Aragorn asked, leaning into the kitchen over the counter. “And the pleasure of your company?” Legolas added, removing his bow and quiver. “Uh … uh … ” Darcie responded, blushing. “Hey! Where’s the wizard?” Lenora called out. “He is … delayed,” said Aragorn, removing his coat. “But we brought our own magic,” added Legolas. Monica cranked the stereo on a signal and the two men began to dance. “Lord of the Rings Strippergrams!” Paula screamed and fell back into the couch. The others called for Darcie, sending Aragorn to retrieve her from the kitchen. Her face hot and unable to stop laughing, Darcie let Legolas help her into her seat. “My tribe,” she said again, smiling and shaking her head, knowing that this engagement party would pass into legend and myth.

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