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May 13th 2017 in Microfiction

Fern sat in the yard watching the shed intently. From the occasional sniff, she learned that the creature was changing (growing); if the groans of the thin metal walls were any indication, the thing would be huge (and hungry). Fern scratched behind her ear and casually walked over to the bushes to dig up something she’d saved for later. Might as well enjoy it now; how the evening was going to go was anybody’s guess. It was too dangerous for even a wuffle; in a rare departure from her standard alarm behavior, Fern didn’t bark once. Clearly, they were all on the cusp of a life or death struggle (and this would be an appropriate time to lose her shit), but she had gotten spanked the last time she wigged out and Fern felt a little vengeful. “You can’t save everyone,” she thought, taking one last look at the shed over her shoulder and quietly pushing through the doggie door.

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She wheeled carefully alongside the hospital bed and reached for his hand. “You’re leaving me,” she said. “I think so,” he responded, “but I’m not happy about it. I miss you already.” “For so long, I wanted to kill you myself,” she whispered, wiping her tears away, “but now … ” He squeezed her hand […]

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Zeus is going to shit maximum lightning bolts.

At least I’ll have the pleasure of telling him myself, since they want to elope and leave for the underworld TONIGHT.

Thank creation I’m […]

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