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May 19th 2017 in Microfiction

He stared at her (shyly, intermittently) as she rang up his order. She was surprisingly elegant, her hands moving seamlessly from item to scanner to bag (in a kind of retail ballet). “$54.62,” she said, smiling, and he blushed (fumbling to put his card in the machine). “You make it all look so easy,” he said, pressing buttons. “Well, I’ve been doing this a long time,” she said happily. “You think you’ll never get it and, one day, you wake up and it’s there.” “I hope so,” he said, discreetly writing his number on the receipt and handing it back to her. “Some days, I think I barely pass, y’know?” “You pass,” she said (enjoying her turn to blush). “Very convincingly human.” She folded the paper and slipped it into her back pocket, turning quickly to her next customer.

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“We’re close now,” the attending physician had said. Quietly, Marilyn opened her purse and lifted out a Ziploc bag containing a tube of lipstick, some theatrical adhesive, and a large flower. Leaning carefully over the bed, Marilyn skillfully applied the dark peach lipstick to her mother’s mouth. “This is her all-time favorite color: Georgia Summer,” […]

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“I’ve chased the perfect something my whole life,” Chad said, standing up in the back. “Full well knowing that it doesn’t exist.” There were nods around the room as he spoke. “I eventually admitted to myself that I just wanted anything I thought was better than me to validate me. I wanted something extraordinary to […]

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