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May 22nd 2017 in Microfiction

“I’ll give you these for the cow,” the peddler said, extending his hand. “Some beans? What? Are you joking?” Jack replied. “These are magic beans, son; they’ll open a doorway to a whole new reality.” Jack drew closer as the peddler pointed. “The blue one will shake things up, but you’ll keep your happy ending. You’ll be able to live your little life in peace.” “And the red one?” Jack asked, intrigued. “This little baby, once it grows …,” the peddler’s voice trailed off. “Well, maybe wait on this one until you’re grown.” The negotiations concluded, Jack walked away with both beans snugly tucked into his pocket. He had already resolved to plant them both (on separate sides of the farm). He had to see. He had to know.

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Interviewed Bruce Wayne today for The Daily Planet.
Another useless billionaire.
42 minutes I’ll never get back.
He – big shocker – wants to root out corruption and eradicate crime.
Sees it as a big problem.
Don’t get your hands dirty, Precious.
Just write the check and walk away.
It incenses me.
I wish I could take the glasses off and change […]

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After touring for almost 30 years, Johnny retired the golden fiddle that the Devil had given him; it sat in its case in a temperature-controlled vault he had designed for it. “It’s a beauty, and that’s no lie,” Johnny would say in every interview, “but it ain’t for sale.” His mansion had been robbed four […]

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