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May 25th 2017 in Microfiction

“He spends more and more time looking out of the window, talking to people who aren’t there,” Dara said, pausing at the doorway to her father’s room. “Is that normal?” “It’s very common,” Dr. Renwick said softly. “And entirely normal if the people they’re talking to have already passed.” Dara breathed a sigh of relief. “That was my next question.” Renwick smiled. “Depending on your belief system, that’s either comforting or creepy.” “Clean it up, Peters!” her father yelled into an empty chair. “That’s my DAUGHTER, for the love of God, you old perv!” Dara stared and Renwick gasped. “I’m going with creepy,” Dara whispered, stepping forward.

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“I love that you’d consider being a guardian,” she said, moving through the paperwork at lightning speed. “What kind of assignment would interest you?” He sat, pensive, for a moment. “The awkward; those who believe you are either born with savior faire or not (and are doomed if not); those that feel unworthy when good […]

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“Supper’s ready!” his mom called out. “Okaaaay!” he responded, immediately sighing. He hated the night before camp started – right down to your final fun meal (your last supper) before all of the jerks started arriving by bus and you all focused on “eating healthy” and “having fun”. He stuck out his tongue as a […]

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